Some words by our clients about our services

Took the hassle out of the process and the service was exceptional. Thank you.
Amanda Barker


Very professional and take the time to explain how everything works so you are aware of what to expect and where the process is at. Great support and friendly team. Thankyou.
Brenton and Kelly Pickering


A big thank you to Jemmy & Brian at Best Home Loans for making the impossible, possible.
My partner and I recently bought our very first home. Best Home Loans went above and beyond for us to get the results we needed.
With such a professional, yet friendly experience from all the staff, we couldn’t recommend Best Home Loans enough!
Jack Whitmore


Brian is amazing. Made purchasing our first home incredibly easy! Thankyou.
Courtney Tyshing

December 06, 2018

I so appreciate everything everyone has done for me. Everything from all the work Laura put in with my Super, and the detailed booklet she made up for me. It was much appreciated Brian, Ray, Jo and Jemmy. And Meg, for making me an awesome Coffee. You all made me feel special. That is rare today in your kind of industry.

-Darryl Schmid

Darryl Schmid

August 11, 2018

“It was really easy to finally get into our own home, and Jemmy and her team at Best Home Loans really made it really painless and very easy. Looking back at it, I wish we hadn’t have waited so long to get our own home!
Thanks Jemmy and Noel for all your help.”
– Ngaire Nogar
Ngaire Nogar

January 18, 2017

“I am a single mother who has been working full time and raising 2 boys for the last 20 years. We never had much money and always lived in housing commission houses and rentals. With rents being as high as they are it was impossible to then also save for a deposit at the same time. I never thought I would be able to own my own home until I met Randell at Tropical Homes. Randell put me in touch with the wonderful staff at Best Home Loans.

I first spoke with Jemmy on the phone and her knowledge and no nonsense approach was exactly what I needed. I was gifted some money from my parents and Jemmy told me exactly what I needed to do to make my dream of owning my own home a reality. Thanks to the staff at Best Home Loans I now own my own little home. It is more than a home: it is an investment in my family’s future. It is amazing to know that I don’t have to answer to landlords anymore. No more 3 monthly inspections any paying off someone else’s mortgage.

I cannot recommend Best Home Loans highly enough. Put your trust in them, they will more than go out of their way to see you succeed in your venture to own your own home.” – Karen Pardon


Karen Pardon

Jemmy and her team at Best Home Loans (especially my main man Noel!!!) made buying my first home an absolute breeze! I expected that living interstate there would be a few hiccups, but I was SO wrong. Nothing was too much of a hassle and they both went above and beyond for me. I could not recommend them enough!
Kala Venables

February 15, 2016

We can not recommend Jemmy and the team at Best Home Loans enough. After being knocked back by the usual banks Jemmy helped us get the finance to move into our new family home. All the staff were easy to contact anytime and always stayed in close touch with what was happening with us. They all went above and beyond and my husband and myself can’t thank you enough. Plus it was a beautiful and surprising gesture of the gorgeous bouquet of flowers that were delivered to us after settlement.
Leesa Denning

March 3, 2015, Facebook

Over the years my husband and I have used Best Home Loans to purchase property through our SMSF, to purchase investment properties, our own home and motor finance for the company vehicles. Jemmy and the team will assist from start to finish. Over the years we have gone to financial institutions direct and always had to follow up. Best Home Loans will keep you updated on the progress of your application all the way. I highly recommend Best Home Loans services, contact Jemmy yourself……you won’t be disappointed.
Donna Sands

February 5, 2015, LinkedIn

“My husband and I had the best experience with Jemmy and her team, they went above and beyond for us and got through so many hurdles along the way! We wouldn’t be sitting in our beautiful new home if it wasn’t for their outstanding hard work and efforts. We cant thank you enough!!”

-Cita Suckling

Cita Suckling

February 24, 2017

“We were planning a house for a while, but once we just started looking, within a week we were sitting in Jemmy’s office seeing what was possible. The process was pretty simple and everyone was helpful by staying in contact with us which was nice. We didn’t really have a clue, it felt like we just winged it. But with Jemmy’s help it worked out great. The difference Best Home Loans made was it gave us the peace of mind. We recommend Jemmy and her team.”
-Rischelle & Angela Beale
Rischelle & Angela Beale

December 14, 2016

Dear Jemmy,

It has been a few months since my last property settled, and now that it is tenanted and running along smoothly, I have had time to sit down and reflect on what we have achieved.

I say “we” because you and your team have been a big factor in the success of my plan. You will recall that I came to you about 18 months ago with an ambitious plan to purchase 4 properties over the next 16 – 18 months and asked if it was possible. I think you were a little shocked at first and needed a little time to think it through before giving me an answer.

True to your word, you got back to me within a week with your answer. Yes, it could be done, but it would not be easy and we would have to do everything in the correct order for it to happen. Your knowledge of the various lending institutions, how they operate and what they would, and would not, accept was invaluable in this critical planning stage.

Suffice to say that the first 2 properties were easy. The builders seemed to be keeping to our expected schedules for completion and it was easy working with Noel and the rest of your team to give them the information they needed to complete their job successfully. When the builder of the 3rd property got 3 -4 weeks ahead of schedule you and your team responded, and again everything was ready and settlement went off smoothly.

However, we both knew that the 4th and last property in the plan was going to be the most difficult. My debt levels were now making a few of the lenders nervous and the way they started to change their minds and “move the goalposts” made me wonder how you deal with them on a daily basis without going crazy!!!

The biggest threat to my plan seemed to be the speed with which the developer was completing the project. Fairly early it became apparent that the builder would be finished 2 – 3 months earlier than I had allowed in my forward plan, and I know that this increased the pressure on your team. I must admit that, when we were notified that the developers would be ready to settle on the property some 4 – 6 weeks earlier than this, there were a few days when I thought that it was not going to happen.

But again, you and your team responded. We re-jigged our plans slightly and then I know that a lot of long hours and hard work (and I’m sure some frustration) was put in to make sure that we could procure the necessary finance within a timeframe that was suitable to the developer.

SO WE DID IT!!! And in just 12 months, not the planed 16 – 18 months. Please accept, and pass along to your team, my heartfelt thanks for all the help, advice and hard work that you all put in.

So, until next time,

Yours Sincerely


Gary Staples


Gary Staples

Jemmy has gone out of her way to research innovative ways to get me extra flexibility and a great rate. She certainly goes the extra mile! I have had much chopping and changing in my financial set-up over the last 6 months and all has been efficiently managed by BHL. I am thrilled with the outcome for my 7 loans!
Denise Moolenschot

March 16, 2015, Facebook

For all your home loan and lending requirements I highly recommend you give Jemmy a call from Best Home Loans in Townsville. She has helped my clients secure a home loan where they were otherwise rejected by other financial institutions. She leaves no stone unturned to find you the best rate and the best loan to suit your personal needs.
Terry Cochrane Sales Consultant Live-N-Invest Real Estate

February 2, 2015, LinkedIn

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